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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Almost as ghetto as having lawn chairs in your living room
But not as tacky as that inflatable furniture from Spencer's Gifts...

I don't have any real furniture. My room is tiny. I'm always on the brink of moving. So instead of a dresser, I have those tacky plastic storage drawers. I know. I'm 26, what am I thinking? Anyway, I finally decided to make them look less ghetto, got some bright red toile fabric, and decided to cover them. This project took 10 minutes and is so easy. All you need are fabric remnants and packing tape. The finished product looks clean, and because you are using tape, you can change the fabric whenever. Just pull the fabric taut and tape the perimeter, like you are wrapping a present. Its simple, but I really like the results.


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Blogger haveboard said...

Lori is SO the NEW Marthan Stewart!

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