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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ribbon scraps and pin backs

I love glue guns. And ribbons. This project is easy and quick, just need about a foot of leftover ribbon, metal pin backs, and some novelty buttons. Its a bit first prize at the science fair, but sometimes I need some reassurance that I truly am #1. All it takes is some folding, gluing, folding, gluing, then glue on a novelty button (I try to cut off the plastic loop off the back to make it as flat as possible). Then either glue or sew the whole thing to a pin back from a craft store. Each finished pin costs less than 50 cents. I put them on purses, or wear them as brooches, and obsessively give them away. I love to meet someone then make them their "perfect" pin. Now, go make yourself a winner.


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