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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Hate T- Shirts.

They look horrible on me. The necks are always too high, which make my boobs look like a uni-boob. And they are terribly boyish on me. So I do anything I can to fix them- cut the necks, add ribbons, asymmetry, or total deconstruction. My dad hates when I visit because I raid his closet and seize his 1980s tees he's collected from virtually every American city. Try cutting an asymmetrical neck with cut off sleeves, or splitting the sleeves and tying off the shoulders with ribbon. If the shirt is too big, try cutting the side seams then cutting the edges into fringe. Tie the corresponding fringe together in a knot, it will hold and only get tighter after being washed. If I'm not visiting the parents, I pick up cheap shirts at thrift stores then experiment with different cuts and what not, and if I mess up its no big deal, as they only cost $1-$2 anyway. Try experimenting on old shirts you have reserved for jogging or pajamas until you find a cut that is perfect for you.


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