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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Can't Afford a Gym aka Urban Obstacle Course aka Avoiding Today's Teenagers

I'm not sure if I would even join a gym if I could afford it anyway. Gyms make me feel like I'm letting the man win. Gyms make me feel like I'm a drone. Besides, when I exercise, I like to talk to myself and get deep into thought. I COULD talk to myself at the gym, but that would encourage nerds to talk to me, and I can't concentrate because I also can't stop looking at butts.

So I jog outside. Weather permitting. I like it because its the only time that I can just let my mind wander, I'm always so busy and on the go, so jogging has become my meditation/ "quiet time" for me to be alone with my thoughts... HOWEVER...South Philadelphia seems to have a problem with this. Not once have I jogged without being harrassed! EVERY SINGLE TIME! Granted, I realize I do not look like the typical jogger. My "work out clothes" are comprised almost entirely of various ex boyfriends' bands' merch. (I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hodges and Turmoil for supplying 90% of my jogging attire. Thanks lads, I couldn't have done it without you) So, I've gotten "Turmoil Runner!" shouted at me a few times. That's expected. Everyone else in South Philly apparently has never seen someone exercise before. Baby mamas, creepy dudes, and worse- TEENAGERS all shout weird things to me as I jog by. The most "popular" thing being "RUNNNN FORRRREEEESSSTTT!" What kind of world do they live in that Forest Gump is a quotable, MODERN diss?? Isn't that movie like 10 years old? Seriously, I get this yelled to me at least twice a week (when I actually jog more than twice a week...) and it happened last night, spurring me to right this rant/ blog about working out "for free."
A real tip about cheap traveling to come. Had to get that off my hardcore t shirt emblazened chest.


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