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Friday, March 24, 2006

Spray Paint

When I was in 9th grade I spray painted a pair of low Doc Martins silver. They were often worn with black tights, cut off jean SHORTS or a mini-kilt, a concert tee and plastic baby barrette. (this was my grunge-ISH phase, not to be confused with my housedress/knee socks phase, my polyester phase, my club kid/platform sneaker/rainbow brite skirt phase (which gave way to a brief but stunning vintage Adidas track suit phase)- or that summer I wore two-tones from Payless.) Anyway, everyone called me The Tin Man. I didn't think it was a very creative zinger. I feel like calling me "Seattle" or "Kurt Cobain" would've been slightly more funny.
But I digress. If you can't figure out how I made this, then I can't tell you. The necklace was $7.50 at Claire's boutique- since when does Claire's sell things for over $5? The spray paint was $5, and required I.D. You must be 25 and older to buy spray paint in Philadelphia, because graffitti artists are only ages 1-24.
And for the record, I'm now in a Pre-Post Hipster phase.


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