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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Its Everyone's Birthday...But I only have $10!

Why is it that all birthdays come at once...not to mention weddings, bridal showers, baby showers etc.... So how do I show my love to all, when I can't even afford ONE decent gift? A mix cd is always nice, but I tend to think of them as a great gift accompaniment, rather than gifts themselves.

My friends aren't materialistic, and in fact prefer a handmade gift. So, I'm very lucky! (And hey, they are too! Because they get something unique and from the heart, rather than a stupid handbag or something.) So, okay..with $10, how can I make 3 cool gifts? I'll use Limewire to make the obligatory mix cd, and blank cds are super cheap. But what else?
First, hit up a craft store and pick up a bottle of Modge Podge (a decoupage adhesive) for $5, a mixed bag of sequins (99 cents) and a cheap foam brush (3 for $1).
With about $3.50 to spare, head to Home Depot. Heading right to the bathroom section, pick up 5 of the cheapest white bathroom tiles, which are 20 cents each. (I know, I only need 3 gifts, but even the Zizzler makes mistakes! And I've said before- I'm messy!) Then pick up a 10 pack of alligator-style backing hangers ($1).
Take your goods home and start looking through old magazines, greeting cards, catalogs and photos for images you think a particular friend will like. As mentioned before, I LOVE loteria cards, and use them for EVERYTHING. So here, I chose the ones I thought were the "funniest"...ok and a little off color. Slap some ModgePodge onto a tile, fix your picture in place, then arrange sequins around it. I stab the center of the sequins with the tip of a pen to put them in place. This takes forever, and your back will hurt...but just think of how much your friends will LOVE it! Let it dry overnight, then hotglue an alligator hanger on the back, so they can proudly display your tile on their bedroom wall.
A few years ago for Christmas, I worked at this restaurant with alot of employees, who ALL wanted to exchange gifts. So I went to the cemetary and took photos of several angel statues in black and white, color copied them, then decoupaged them onto the tiles. Christmasy and they loved them!
So.....the breakdown
Modge Podge (which you can use again and again) $5
Sequins " $1
Cheap foam brush $.33
Tiles (5) $1
Alligator backings $1

TOTAL $9something plus change


Anonymous killa conz said...

i love these

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Mike Eb said...

Hey Zizzler -

You gotta make me a tile with the pic in my office...hope to it!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Mike Eb said...

Meant to say HOP to it...

1:02 PM  

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