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Monday, May 01, 2006

I Know I said I Hated T shirts, But....

My little cousins wanted me to teach them "how to design shirts", but we had little to work with. I was given a boxy large woman's black t shirt to make into something wearable - challenge. I bought a tiny tube of white fabric paint for $1. That's all I spent, aside from the free shirt.

The first thing I do with t shirts is cut off the neck. I hate restrictive collars, so I put on the shirt, drew a faint x where I wanted it to fall, and cut it so one sleeve would fall off the shoulder. Now to attack the boxiness. The trick I use, is to cut one side seam up to the armpit.
Then cut "fringe" from bottom to top, then knot the corresponding "fringe" all the way to the arm pit. Make the fringe longer if you need the shirt to be tighter. You should try it on periodically, and before you make the knots completely tight.
Now, the stencil. I traced a horse from a greeting card onto cardboard then cut it out so it was negative. I wanted to layer the horses on the lower part of the shirt, then have a nice solid white one on the sleeve that fell off the shoulder. I cut a dry sponge into strips to make little "paint brushes", dipped the ends into the white paint, then dabbed it onto the stencil, varying the amount of paint and pressure to make different textured horses. Dry over night, then voila! Hot new shirt, tailored to my body, and customized with wild horses...insert Rolling Stones reference here.


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