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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Aw remember best friend necklaces?? Would you fight over who HAD to be the "ST ENDS"? (Because we all know BE FRI was much much better.) My mom made me paint mine with clear nail polish "so it wouldn't tarnish." I think everything from Claire's tarnished upon wearing it. Nice try, mom.
I wanted to pay tribute to my childhood tradition. I think I might love to find best friend necklaces, but couldn't. So I made these shirts for my younger cousins. I just bought a 25 cent square of felt, one skein of red embroidery floss (80 cents) and 2 baby t's from H&M ($5.50/each.) I traced the broken heart pieces onto the felt and cut it out in the negative. Of course, I cut the necks off of the t shirts and shortened the sleeves. Then I just embroidered the felt onto the fabric, then embroidered the letters in the heart pieces. I almost didn't leave enough room for "ENDS" because I am an idiot. But, it worked out in the END. Oh man, I need some new material! (MATERIAL!)

Is this thing on?


Blogger DesignGal said...

I really like these shirts! Great idea!!!!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous svennie said...

this is genius! amber and i were JUST talking about these necklaces and thought about trying to find one now to wear. these shirts are adorable...what a great idea!!

1:07 PM  

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