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Friday, September 01, 2006

Am I Really That Poor?

The answer is YES. I still haven't received my loan check. I'm running on empty!
Anyway, I need to collect all these articles/brochures/press releases for various classes for school. I really need about 10 of those magazine caddies. The container store has them for $6/each! They are about that at Target, and $3 /each at Ikea for cardboard ones (not to mention I don't live near an Ikea.) So basically, that's $30-60 just to organize my stuff. So I decided for now I'll have to make one. Like some Girlscout project, I used an old cereal box. I wish I had some fancy wrapping paper to cover it (or any at all), but all I could find were these giant printouts of criminals that were given away for free at the Whitney Biennial. Very scholarly. I cut the box into a "Caddy shape" using scissors, then using a craft glue stick, covered it in glue then wrapped the printout around it. Lastly, I trimmed the wrapping. It actually looks pretty good! Now, I need to eat more cereal.....


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