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Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm Decoupaging AGAIN

I've been told that I decoupage too much. Well, I'm sorry. Get over it. Because I've done it again. For my parents' first wedding anniversary, they received a card table and folding chairs set. It lasted in great condition for about 15 years, when little Zizzler turned 6 years old. First, I colored the entire underside of the table with crayons. Then, I did a million art projects on the surface. Then, I used the surface as a cutting board, shredding the vinyl covering. What a jerk. Twenty years later (jeez, I am old), it has come back to me.
Now that I'm in my new place, I want to have a cocktail party. My space is much bigger, but table space is rare. Sure, I could've thrown a plastic table cloth on the shredded topped table, but that's not the Zizzler way! Project time. I neatly (and sadly) trimmed and removed the table of its 1970s vinyl top. The beige legs had to go, so I spray painted them black, along with the top. I stopped in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble and bought a thick art book of Japanese Prints by Hokusai for $4.99. Sure, it's a great book, but it will make an even better table cover! Barnes and Noble always has the best art bargain books. I cut out geishas, koi fish, Japanese fisherman and lotus flowers. Then I got out my trusty ModgePodge glue. After arranging the cut outs, I coated the table top with ModgePodge, replaced the cut outs, then coated the top with a layer of ModgePodge. After a few hours, I put another coat of ModgePodge on the table. So simple! and I think it looks much better than a putting a crappy table cloth on it. What I once ruined, I've resurrected into something useful, and stylish. Sorry Mom!


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