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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Do Pigs Look Good Kissing?

And stuff. I just asked my friend Anna what's better, two chickens kissing, or two cows kissing? We couldn't decide. She had no idea what I was talking about. Then I didn't explain what I was talking about and just said "Yea. Chickens look better kissing, because the cows' bodies aren't as defined." Then I changed the subject. So here's what I meant Anna....
I bought this green little tote from a craft store for $2.99 thinking I'd just put some pins on it or something. I love green and it was so cheap. I also got a bag of these weird felt farm animals, about 30 assorted ones for $2.49, with no idea what I'd do with them. So today I decided to break out my trusty hot glue gun and do something with the tote. Originally I'd lined up three little pigs in a row, but I'm feeling rather lovey and nostalgic lately soI decided to go for the animal love. I hot glued them in place, got the chicken vote for the other side, but still felt it needed something. I cut the back off of a heart button (chicken side) and found an old old heart patch (pigsly) and voila! It's perfect for toting around my wallet, water bottle and keys in the summer, and will hang on my arm nicely while I eat some frozen yogurt. (NEVER water ice- ew ew ew)
And it was so cheap, it doesn't matter if I get popsicle stains all over it!


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