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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Traveling is Cool

Fellow blogger Audrey posted this today, and how I wish I would've known about this before I've traveled in the past. Le Cool is an offbeat travel guide featuring Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon. Amsterdam and London. You can subscribe to a printable email newsletter, and now purchase a mini hardcover book called Le Cool Changed My Life!
Originally a Barcelona based newsletter, Le Cool sounds so very Zizzler. It features highly selective recommendations on eating, drinking, cultural experiences and the unusual. This has inspired me to a) pick up the book/subscribe to the newsletter before traveling again and 2) start a New York Zizzler blog when I move in 3 weeks!


Blogger Audrey said...

Yes Lori....I am back in action!

I'm glad you liked the le cool post...I think it's such a rad idea and I'm a total a nerd so I signed up for each city's weekly email.

I have a comment on the Fendi it goes:

Have you ever been to Echo Chic on 17th & Sansom? Well, there is a guy named Khalid who spraypaints interesting images on vintage purses and I have been dying to get one.

Since you are a little apprehensive about messing with it on your own, he might be a good choice since it's his specialty. I asked for his contact info the last time I was in there (I wanted to blog about him, but still have not) so I have his number if you want to funk of that bag before you leave Philly. Let me know...


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