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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Like an Old Lady

I've always loved vintage costume jewelry. Even in my teenage club kid phase, I'd wear 1960's mod necklaces with my Hello Kitty shirts and mini skirts (and giant white platform sneakers which made me look like Chester Cheetah, uhhh). The last time I was visiting my parents in Buffalo, I went for my traditional Don Apparel visit and bought a bunch of those sweater clips that old ladies wear for $3/each. Of course, I broke all but two; one really cool one with a pearled string and floral clips, and a really ugly plain gold one that looks like two tie clips. Perfect for me to make over.
I bought some stripey ribbon at Pearl Art Supply for $1, and some plastic cameos (2 for $1.50). Using a glue gun rather than tying it, I made a bow, then glued that to the ugly gold tie clip part. I then put some hot glue on the center of the bow as well as the back of the cameo, let it get a bit tacky then stuck it on. Sometimes dried hot glue can just pop off, I've found putting a bit on both sides and letting it sit for a split second makes it hold better. Since it's about 90 degrees outside, I won't be wearing this anytime soon, but I can't wait!
For some reason my digital camera wouldn't pick up the detail of the cameo, I'm not sure how to mess with the white balance. Also being summer, all of my cute cardigans were packed away somewhere. And, unlike my dressform, I have arms. Therefore it hangs better on me. Two pronged hair clips and some chain might also work nicely if you don't have a sweater clip store near you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your crafty projects!! keep them coming!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

thanks! keep the comments coming!

10:22 AM  

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