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Monday, July 03, 2006

Reel Around the Fountain

My summer has totally been made. I stumbled upon the most incredible old timey fountain the other day called The Franklin Fountain in Old City Philadelphia. My friend Carla and I used to define summer by when we'd start getting chocolate Cokes at The Phantom Fountain, which in time kept closing and re-opening with added on names... Yum at the Phantom Fountain, Sweet Times at Yum at the Phantom Fountain (ST@Y@PF). When it closed and became a shitty art gallery we were devestated that we'd have to start summer by getting 7-11 Slurpees. I mean, sure we could put chocolate syrup in Diet Cokes ourselves, but this place had the atmosphere. Phantom Fountain used to be an old time pharmacy, and they'd left all of the medicines, potions and merchandise behind the counters and in the display cases. There wasn't another authentic type place that in Philly.
Until.. The Berley brothers took over the spot that was formerly Eroticakes (that we all lovingly called MasterBakers.) They got it all right, from the original 2 blade fans, tiles floor, actual fountain, to their old timey dress and waxed mustaches (or maybe they are hipsters outside of work?) No, its not like a cheesy 1950's themed place at all. It feels like its done well.
And then there's the menu. First off, when I was little my dad and I liked that weird old fashioned gum- Teaberry and Black Jack. I was probably the only child who prefered that to BubbleYum, but then again my favorite cereal was also Mueslix. Anyway, my first tasting of the brother's homemade ice cream was Teaberry, and it was the creamiest, most delicious ice cream I've ever had in my entire life. It doesn't even need toppings. They also have a complete menu of phosphates and other fun drinks. I got one called the Japanese Thirst Killer and it was amazing. So, yay summer!


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