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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Last night was the most perfect night. Warm enough to be completely comfortable in a T shirt, with a slight breeze, unusually quiet, little traffic. I spent the evening walking around the historical areas of Philadelphia, discovering new Colonial cobblestone alleyways, art galleries, hidden restaurants and reading the plaques infront of historical notes of interest. Not to quote Roberta Flack or anything, but I thought the evening would be better if I had set the night to music... maybe something mellow like Sigor Ros or American Football. Then, I realized I'm unlike most Americans in that I do not own an iPod. Its not that I'm against them or anything. (Although in former years, I was so against cell phones that I carried a rotary receiver with cord around with me, and would "talk" on it when jerks would be talking on their cell phones in public.) I just don't have $300. Or even $100 for that matter.
I was at the drugstore for shampoo and the like, when I noticed that Garnier Fructis was giving away a "mini radio" with their shampoo. This company is weird. They always give weird things away. It used to be just smaller sizes of other products, but then they started giving checked Garnier Frutis bandanas with their stuff. Now a MINI RADIO?? Anyway, I got clean hair and something to set my walks to music with, for $2.48. Nuts. Sure, the radio kind of sucks. It requires 2 AAA batteries, and you can't see what station you're listening to. And just that - you have to listen to the RADIO. But, its free. So whatever. So I walked a bit with it today. Sure, I had to listen to this weird calypso (?) version of "Lost in a Supermarket", but it was better than listening to the 5000 jackhammers which ring in the summer construction season in Philly. And its GREEN!
In other discount news, sometimes I too need retail therapy. I've been wanting Marc Jacob's BLUSH fragrance ever since I saw it at the Duty Free Shop in Spain for $50. How I regretted not getting it! In stores, its $65. Out of my range. So I did a major internet search and found it for $29 on I decided to just go for it, although I was totally afraid they'd send me a designer impostors, or just the wrong order or something. But in a few short days, I got it. Its the real thing. Now I smell amazing.


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