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Friday, May 26, 2006

Food Poisoned = Fun with Branches

Yep. I've been home, puking, for the past 3 days thanks to some VEGAN tuna. It's been horrible. I slept in the bathroom. So I haven't been very adventurous as far as productivity goes.

Anyway, I've always liked these coral hooks they sell at Anthropologie for like $20. If you're like me, your jewelry box is just a mass of chains, charms and tangles. So I thought a hook would be perfect to hang my tanglemass on. The hooks at Anthro are organic shaped metal with a red coating, formed to look like coral. I hummed and hawed about buying them for months, because $20 is a bit steep for a hook. Plus, I didn't really like that they were red. So, sticking with the idea of organic shapes, I found some branches that reminded me of the coral. I'm no tree expert, but these had a waxy finish and tiny budlets. I found a small branch that could easily be pinned to a wall, having some flat parts. Use your judgement, hold it against the wall, etc.
I painted the branch with spray paint and let it dry overnight. Then I coated the branch with clear varnish to protect the paint and reinforce the branches so they may hold weight better.
After another 24 hours, I mounted the branch on my wall with a hook screw, then hung my necklaces on it. It's pretty sturdy. I'm really into this branch thing, I see more projects to come with them.


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