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Monday, June 12, 2006

Brides, Brides Everywhere!

I've gotten to that dreaded age when people are starting to strap on the ball and chain. (I'll try not to comment about how I haven't wanted to go on even a 2nd date for months!) And of course, everyone decides to get married at the same time, and have their wedding showers in the same month. So basically, I'm supposed to be able to afford to buy shower gifts, wedding gifts, dress for the weddings, paying an gigolo to escort me... it adds up. So, the affordable option is to make them a bridal gift, saving money for the cash gift. People, I may be thrifty, but I DO NOT skimp on the wedding gift! Weddings cost a ton, I give $50-$100, depending on how good of friends I am and if I bring a date.
So, one of my friends had registered for a cocktail shaker, amongst other boring things. I bought her a nice shaker at Target for $11, then decided to make her custom highball glasses and wrap it up as a bar set. What you'll need:
  • Armour Etch Glass Etching Cream
  • Glasses
  • Paint brush
  • Mylar stickers

Getting Armour Etch cream can be tricky. It's illegal in Philadelphia. It's essentially acid, and so a lot of graffiti brats have been using it to tag up store front windows and such. Its permanent, and causes major damage. Totally sucks. I had to go to Pearl Paint in Manhattan to get it (they don't sell it on their website.) You also have to be 21 to purchase it with ID, so with all that trouble, I bought a larger jar of it for $17. It should last a long time. Glass etching cream is really temperamental, so I've experimented with it a lot for you. I found the best "stencil" to use are Mylar stickers. They provide a clean edge with no leakage. I tried to make my own stencils using contact paper and crack and peel. Both leaked and had messy edges. I found its easier to make a "negative image" (the shape is clear) and to not etch large areas (it can be spotty and uneven.) So, for the most best/most "professional" looking glasses, I chose horse mylar stickers (1 pack includes 12 stickers for $1.50) and placed them galloping around the glass. I got the highball glasses at Ikea for $1/each. Get a few extra for mistakes. I bought 6, and gave the happy couple 4 in all.
After the stickers are placed, use the paint brush to put a thick coating of etching cream on the glasses. I painted it on in a random, messy edged pattern, so mistakes aren't really noticeable. The on-purpose messy edges looked great with the horse motif. (Note: this stuff is toxic. Its not that messy, just don't get it on you or breathe it or eat it. Make sure your dog is in another room. This is a step I forgot at first. I had to chase the dog with etching creamed glass in hand! Also, the first time I used it, I had a fan on and the fumes gave me a headache for hours.) The directions say to leave on for 5 minutes, but I like to leave it on for 10, then rinse with warm water and peel off the stickers. That's it! If it comes out uneven, coating it again won't really help, since it is acid and eats away at the surface of the glass. So basically it'll just continue to be uneven, just in different layers.

My friends loved these. They were touched that it was hand made, but they look good enough to be bought in a design store. Aside from the initial purchase of the etching cream ($17), the gift is pretty cheap- about $18.50, including the shaker, the 2 extra glasses and the stickers. Now you'll have extra cash to pay an even classier dude to be your date! Or maybe that's just me...


Anonymous scoooob said...

I want some of these.
With little musical notes.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous conzytime! said...

WOW ZIZZ.... these are AMAZING. they made me miss you EXTRA! smooches. i cant wait to get back to nyc so we can make crafts n clothes togehta! zizzlers 4 lyfe sk8

2:14 AM  
Anonymous jessica said...

i love the ones you made for me as a christmas prezzie a while back. esp the "hello" one with the two kids. v cute!

3:42 PM  

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