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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's WitchCraft

A cutesy title?! Gross. Is this really the Zizzler? Other possible titles were : Bewitched! Witch way is Summer? Witch foot is Witch? er... I'll stop. I'm even annoying myself.

So yea. It is summer now. It's annoyingly hot and humid. I get really cranky from the heat. The moment I form a sweatstache, oh man, you'd better get out of my way. I overheat easily, and am really affected by my footwear. I can't wear sleeves or closed toed shoes, or it overheats my whole body. So that means I walk the dirty cities of the world in sandals (note, NEVER Jesus sandals. Or those horrible velcro dealies. Or anything with a plastic flower on it. And never flip flops in a respected establishment).
So Bath and Body works used to make this really great stuff, part of their anti-bacterial line. It was a purse sized "cooling" foot spray. It was mostly witch hazel, alcohol, fragrance and water. And for real, not only did it make summer city feet smell good, but the witch hazel cooooooled me down. And cleansed. And I went in there to buy it. And the jerks DISCONTINUED it!! Come on! They can sell Henri Bendel Candles and 50000 new types of food flavored lip gloss, but take away the best product they had? So I did what I'd typically do, and I decided to make my own. What you'll need:

  • Witch Hazel (about $2-$3 at drugstores)
  • Essential oil ($5-$10 depending on size). Some places give sample vials- The Body Shop used to, you don't need a lot so a sample size will more than do.
  • Old spray bottle, you might want to use a purse sized one.
  • water!
  • Something to decorate the bottle with if you want to

Mix one part with hazel with 2 parts water. You can vary slightly depending on your preference, but witch hazel has a strong smell so you might want to stick with my dilution. Same goes for the essential oil. I try to choose a stronger smelling one, like a musk, so it will almost cover the witch hazel smell. DON'T use vanilla. SOOOOO gross together. Orange Blossom and Mint worked well too. I use about 20-30 drops. My feet smell. Now decorate your bottle with paint, stickers, or a collage. Or don't.

Get out in the city and SPRITZ! Feel the soothing antiseptic properties of the witch hazel, smell the pleasant aroma of the essential oil. Feel less gross. That's basically all I ever try to do, day in and day out.


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