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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cheap Art in Progress.

Consider this a rough sketch. It didn't come out how I wanted...
That being said, I've wanted to do something with the blueprint copiers at Kinko's for awhile. A few years back, I made cheap "wallpaper" with 24x36 prints I'd made from a woodcut design my friend gave me. I tacked them up with thumbtacks, covering an entire wall. The prints are incredibly cheap- 50 cents a square foot. I would've preferred to use a more high contrast photo, but I tried printing a night sky shot of the New York skyline I took from the roof of my old Brooklyn apartment. (24"x36"=$3) I bought a $5 frame from Ikea, thinking it was such a great deal. When I finished my project and tried to use the frame, I realized why it was so cheap, it was a torture hell ride in frame form. It took me 20 minutes to slip the paper in, one side would pop out, then the other, then the paper would get wrinkled. GRRR! HATED IT.
Anyway. So then I bought a leafy wall stencil from an art store for $1.35. I thought the spray paint I had was gold, which is what I would've liked, but at first spritz I discovered it was silver. Damage done, I just finished the rest of it with silver, alternating the angle of the stencil here and there. I sprayed it in my room because it was raining outside, and thought maybe I'd suffocate. My priorities are off sometimes...
I think the possibilities are endless with this project. It's so incredibly cheap. Next time I'll make a few copies of an image and get some jazzier spray paint colors. Jazz hands.


Blogger Sara said...

so did you use a normal sized photograph and it blew it up to those demensions or did you have to have it that big to begin with? I love your blog, btw. I just bought a house and it's time to decorate :) thanks!

6:50 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

hi sara
blueprint copiers or plotters have a function where you put in the percentage you want to blow up the photo and do so. so you can start tiny. i'd recommend using a more high contrast photo than the one i used, or converting the file to grayscale and messing with the levels in photoshop. hope this helped! congrats on the house! thanks for reading!

7:46 PM  

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