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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Readymade Recipe Amended

Like any crafty person, I subscribe to Readymade Magazine. I like the ideas, but usually most of their projects don't apply to me, being that I do not own a home, yard...or a child. I really liked this project for "Redone dishes." Readymade suggested using old patterned dishes and painting lines on them, using masking tape as a stencil. Good idea, but I thought stripes were kind of boring (note: do not look at my wardrobe.) I decided to try to use my old Mylar sticker stencil technique that I used with the glass etching. I'm no good at controlling paint. In fact, I dropped Painting 101 TWICE. So my first run with this didn't work out so well. I bought cheap cheap plain white Ikea plates for 99 cents each. Readymade suggests Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint, because it's the only can of porcelain paint that you can eat off of. It's $3.99 at Pearl Paint, and you can fire it in your oven. Anyway, the first time I tried it, I used stickers of ribbon bows, and black paint. The black was kind of harsh. Then it got gloppy and ugly. THEN I couldn't get the stickers off. I ended up throwing them out without firing them. I almost gave up. Then I went back to my beloved horse stickers and thought I bought a light blue paint (it just wasn't mixed, it was navy.) This time I used a larger bristle brush and a lot less paint. Instead of waiting for the paint to dry, I VERY CAREFULLY pulled the stickers off while still wet. It seemed to work, but you have to have a steady hand. There is definitely a texture to the paint, which I don't really like but oh well. This could also work out great for someone who can actually paint well...polar opposite of me. And now for the Readymade directions:
you'll need
  • dishes
  • rubbing alcohol
  • Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint
  • stickers/tape
  • paint brush/oven/etc
Wash the dishes and dry well. With a cottonball, wipe dishes with alcohol and let dry. Place stencils/stickers on plate and gently sponge or brush on paint. *Carefully remove stickers* Let dry for 24 hours. Without preheating the oven, place the dishes inside and heat to 300 degrees. Baked the painted dishes for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the dishes cool inside.

Slop some food on them and pig out. Or put them on display.


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